Computer Science Course Set 6 Full Knowledge about WEB- DESIGNING

Computer Science Course Set 6

1. What are the main things we need to design a website ?

ANSWER= (A) Hosting, Domain, Plugin, Theme all require


1. Is it good to create a website on WordPress or is it good to build a website on Google's Blogger?

ANSWER= (K) The statement 1,2,3,4,5 is all correct


3. Who designs the website

ANSWER= (E) Website can be designed by anyone who has learned web designing


4. Laptop, Android mobile, iPhone mobile, mac system in all these cases are being used more and more?

ANSWER= (B) In the case of watching sex videos
Explain:- According to a study, it has been found that more and more people use Android mobiles, laptops, iPhones etc… only to watch pornographic videos. It is not that he does not write studies or try to advance in technical education or does not do any business work, but if we talk about maximum use here, then most of the users are those who only have sex on mobile or laptop. Like to watch videos


1. In the future, things like laptop computers and mobiles are a boon or a curse.

ANSWER= (E)Is a boon to a limit and a curse to a limit = a
Explain:- If all these technologies are used in computer and mobile to a limit in the right direction, then it is really very beneficial but if you use it out of the range then it will prove to be a loss for yourself and for the whole of nature as well. Would be harmful Because AI technology coming in the future, in the beginning it will give a lot of benefits, people will feel it, but later on this people will also be destroyed.


1. Which is considered to be the best plugin for creating an e-commerce website ?

ANSWER= (D) Both 1 & 2


1. What is a Siteground ?

ANSWER= (I) This is the number 1 American website providing hosting
Explain:- Siteground is a website that offers hosting, which is an American website and is famous for its fast speed, that is, by using this hosting, you can increase your website speed faster.


8.In which case do most video callings occur at night?

ANSWER= (G) All the above options are correc
Explain:- There are many reasons for exp-most video calling at night, however, it has been found that mostly boys and girls talk about love among themselves, but this does not mean that other things do not happen, such as videos related to studies and writing matters. There is calling, and video calling is also due to family gatherings. That is why all the options here are included as an answer.


9. What is WordPress

ANSWER= (B) WordPress is a CMS tool with the help of which we can design a website


10. The website should be designed by itself or by a designer.

ANSWER= (A) You should design the website yourself because the designer takes a lot of money from you. And a question mark of security also keeps hanging. If you do not know how to make it yourself then go to the other but be cautious.

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