Computer Futures Science Engineering Course Set 3


1. Which of the following is a type of DBMS software?



2. Which of the following Microsoft Access Database Not an object type? 

ANSWER= (B) Workbook


3. The complete picture of the data stored in the database ------ They say ?

ANSWER= (B) Schema


4. A subset of characters in a data field is called -------?

ANSWER= (A) Types 2nd options


5. Data are grouped together for storage To do is called -----------.

ANSWER= (A) Record


6. Which of the following term database structure Database instance that DBMS does not describe many files Link data to database schema?

ANSWER= (B) Structural


7. that feature ........ which only fixed the database Permission to access edit records in database

ANSWER= (C) Query


8. Macro sets the value of each attribute .........

ANSWER= (A) domain


9. Primary 'Key' should have ………….

ANSWER= (C) Both 2 and 3
Explain:- Unique and not null near primary 'key' Should be


10. The logical design of a database is called …….

ANSWER= (C) database schema
Explain:- Logical design of database The database is called schema.

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