Computer Science Course set 2 /Computer Science futures/For Computer Science Jobs/Computer Science degee


Welcome to this article, in this article, we will know how you people can speed up the information related to your computer course. A total of 10 questions have been given in this question set as well as its answers have been given, but you see the answer only when you feel very keen to see the answer. And the best thing would be to try first and then see the answer.

Remember, computer science of friends is a very good subject, in order to get good information, you need a good computer course, you are getting the thing that is easily available here. Because computer futures will enhance you in the coming time and this post is a boon for students doing computer engineering.

Now enjoy with fallowing items  and almost play with it

Computer Science Course set  2 /Computer Science futures/For Computer Science Jobs/Computer Science degee


1. ---------- is a computer system that transmits data from a communication line such as a telephone line or cable.

ANSWER= (D) Data communication system


2. ---- Method, puts all processing, hardware and software in one central location

ANSWER= (C) Centralized Data System


3. ------ processing method, remote access and Remote processing allows both.

ANSWER= (C) Distributed Data Processing


4. A computer ........ communication system Use equations to connect two or more computers and their resources?

ANSWER= (A) network
Explain:- A computer network system which Using communication equipment to connect two or more computers and their resources


5. Protocol that allows internet It cooks.

Explain:- TCP / IP protocol that makes the world Comprehensive cooks.


6. Network of personal computer hardware, The software and data it shares is called ---

ANSWER= (A) Local Area Network (LAN)
Explain:- The network of personal computers that share hardware, software, and data This is called a local area network.


7. Geographically distant computers and terminals The network is called -------

ANSWER= (D) Wide Area Network (WAN)
Explain:- Geographically distant computer and terminal networks are called wide area networks goes.


8. In a network arrangement, all computers are the same Is on status?

ANSWER= (A)client / server
Explain:- All in peer to peer network arrangement A computer has a similar status.


9. Most commonly use common communication equipment --- transmission which consists of continuous electronic signals in the form of a waveform Huh.

ANSWER= (A) Analog
Explain:- Analog Transmission


10. Adapter can move 128,000 data sets which is more than double of a standard modem.


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