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Welcome to this article, in this article, we will know how you people can speed up the information related to your computer course. A total of 10 questions have been given in this question set as well as its answers have been given, but you see the answer only when you feel very keen to see the answer. And the best thing would be to try first and then see the answer.

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Computer Science mcq set  1

1. Which class of IP address provides only a maximum of 254 host addresses per network ID?

ANSWER= (C) Class C


2. Which of the following devices translates host names to IP addresses?



3. Which of the following devices is a network | Takes the data sent from the device and sends it to all devices in the network with the intention, regardless of the recipient's network?



4. Which of the following devices is a network Takes the data sent from the device and forward it to the destination node based on the MAC address?

ANSWER= (B) Switch


5. Which of the following devices is used to connect to different 2 network segments and manage traffic between them?

ANSWER= (E) Bridge
Explain:-  Bridge connecting to same network segment And manage traffic between them is used to.


6. Which of the following network devices / systems translates from one format to another

ANSWER= (C) Gateway
Explain:-  Gateway to network device / system data Translates from one format to another


7. A switch is a device that is a device in the OSI model's .......... layer.

ANSWER= (B) Data link layer
Explain:-  Switch working on the second layer of the OSI model , Which is the data link layer.


8. The hub is a -------------- .. device and the switch is a device.

ANSWER= (C) broadcast, unicast
Explain:-  Hub is a broadcasting device and switch Is a unicasting device.


9. star topology is based on a central device that can be .............

ANSWER= (D) Both 1 and 2
Explain:-  Hub and switch used in star topology is done.


10. Which of the following devices is digital Modulates the signal into an analog signal that can be sent over a traditional telephone line?

ANSWER= (D) Modem

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