post 64/5000 Twitter deleted 6,000 accounts, doing reverse posts 2020

Shocking News In Twitter 

Twitter has closed more than 6,000 accounts, taking a big step once again. The accounts that Twitter has closed are all from Saudi Arabia. On closing these accounts, Twitter says that all these users were violating its policy and trolling on targeting other users. The Embassy from Saudi Arabia has not yet commented on the matter.

Twitter has said that 88,000 such accounts have been identified that spread spam. Spam content is served from these accounts on a particular topic. Of these, 5,929 accounts have been deleted. Let us know that in August this year, Twitter closed two lakh Chinese accounts which were included in the Hong Kong Protest.

Actually this account suspension is a part of the same decision in which social media companies said that they will not allow content that is offensive and misinformed on their platform. In the year 2016 also during the US elections, many accounts were closed which were of Russia. These accounts were being used to benefit political parties.

Significantly, the Delhi Police has recently written letters from various social media forums including Facebook and Twitter to remove objectionable content from about 60 accounts and deactivate them. While giving this information on Thursday, an official said that the police is working to stop rumors against the amended Citizenship Act (CAA).

He said that the police has also appealed to the people to give information about the accounts of users spreading rumors. "The Delhi Police has written to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to remove objectionable content on their platform," the senior official said. "We have been monitoring the social media handle for the last three-four days and identifying objectionable content and tense posts are being identified," he said.

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