How to Upload Video by Android Mobile and Earn More Money 2020

how to get a pro theme for blogger and earning niches 



it is explained earlier that, one can an extended amount of the money from the blogging. article has been written on this site ( Sanjay Singh Indian education . just say that article and complete your knowledge related with the blogging.
In that article very basic things has been narrated over the blogging .in this article a depth touch will be done. so that you could get a maximum knowledge related with blogging.

Template -   In blogging the most important thing is that , template. means what kind of the template you use for your blogging. you can also understand template means as a theme. generally what people do , they choose the by default blogging template which are provided by the Blogger ,which is not very good so if you are the pro blogger  then don't use these templates provided by the blogger.

Now the second question is that many bloggers use the pirated theme or template for their blogging ,  the quality of these template are good but as for Speed is concerned it is not good, so your website may takes too much time in loading and since time taking is more so is user may disattract from your website . and which is not very good as for professional earning is concerned.

The another problem related with these pirated template that there are so many links are included in these templates , because this templates are original templates but they were cracked by other party. and definitely since other party have cracked them so they will also want some kind of the benefit from it. and in order to get benefit they  includes some kinds of the link in that theme . so far professional blogger such a kind of the things is not good.

So one should use the Paid theme . for this you have to buy a theme from a reputed site . so
that if there are any problem then you could contact them.
your theme must be SEO friendly and mobile responsive . because in the world 70% people use the Android mobile. so your theme  must be contain the property of the mobile responsiveness . your theme must be also easy loadable so that your website could open in  early time .

Niche-          the second important thing is that what is your niche ? there are so many types of the niche and niches few list of them is given below--

  • Health
  • Technical
  • Insurance
  • Poverty
  • Baby
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • Medicine
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • health and fitness
  • Beauty
  • beauty tips
  • Study
  • school time
  • college time
  • Android mobile
  • Laptop
  • information technology
  • E-commerce
  • News
  • Hollywood movies
  • Entertainment
  • education
  • Cooking
  • Kitchen
  • animal life
  • forest life
  • scientific vision

In this way there are a  numbers of the niche and sub- . you can choose any one of them as per your comfortability , interest and knowledge. so that you could write a smooth line on that topic .
after choosing the topic we will create  pages and post for our  blogger but before this we
will customize our theme so that it could look better and viewers friendly . in the next article it
will be remark that how can we customized our theme in better and easy way

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