Apple Deleted This Chatting App From Its Platform /Tracking Data of Users

America's tech company Apple has removed the chatting app Totok from the App Store. Recently, a report was revealed in which it was said that the hackers used this app as a spying tool to track users' data. At the same time, this app offers chatting to its users as well as video calling. On the other hand, experts believe that the UAE government used to spy on users through this app. However, millions of users in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and North America are still using the Tutok app.

Report related to Totok app
According to media reports, this app used to track information like users' movements, conversations, relationships, appointments, videos and photos. At the same time, Apple has said that we have removed this app from our platform and the matter is under investigation.

App is associated with this company
The Tutok chatting app has been the most downloaded in the UAE and the US. An investigation by the New York Times has found that this app was created by a company named Breeze Holding. At the same time, this company is associated with Abu Dhabi's computer intelligence and hacking company Dark Matter. So it can be said that Breeze Holding had tracked the data of American users.

Google removed the Tutok app from the Play Store
Veteran search engine company Google has also removed this chatting app from its platform. At the same time, Breeze Holding is said to be involved in several army officers, including the UAE's intelligence officer, a former employee of a national security firm.
Google had previously deleted these apps
Google in October removed apps such as Feel Camera HD, Filter Photo Frame, Lens Flares, Magic Effect, QR Code Scanner, Super Mark, Photo Effect Pro, Art Filter and Lie Detector prank from its platform.

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