Rank Your Site by Do Fallow Link and Earn the Money 2020

rank your site by do fallow link and earn the money

Hello guys, in today's article, I will tell you what are the Nofollow and Dofollow Links? With full information and how to use them in the blog, to improve SEO, SEO means you have noticed many things in SEO. Like Sitemap, Robot Txt, Backlink and a Nofollow in this There are also Dofollow links which help in posting a post in the search engine. Those who use inside the post.

Suppose you are a blogger and you wrote a post that has already written 100 posts, so now your post will show in the search engine's place in the search engine and how do these links help you. Also, your job is to get indexed to the search engine quickly. That is, if you are using bad (bad) link then Google will stop indexing your site's link and if you use quality links, your post The best page will index you Micro traffic help will get | you go get you the full details of the carefully read this article which |

rank your site by do fallow link and earn the money

So before going ahead, let's know, what are the Nofollow and Do follow links?
What are Nofollow and Dofollow Links?


Links that do not have a Search Engine Index, which can be used by Reader only, and they are also called link juice, only when you need them. Or links which we do not want to show in the search engine. And such a website link which we can not trust.
Such as Affiliate Link, Hackers site, etc.


Links that allow you to follow the search engine are called quality links, which you add links to any other post in your post, or use links to any such site, such as Google.com or other Google sites. name, popup blogger URL, and URL of your post etc.
Or say what you trust 100%, which is facebook.com, etc .. Therefore always use the authority website link.

What is the difference between no-follow and do-follow?
1 no-follow does google search or any search engine.
2 do-follow link to google search engine index.
3 no-follow link has a low rank of a site.
4 do-follow link is the authority of the site.

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