Most of the Time People Spend on Their Mobile

Increasing Percentage Of Mobile Users 

In the whole world, India is the only country where internet is cheapest and this is where most internet is shut down. India is the largest smartphone market today. In this case, India also has the largest number of smartphone users. Now Vivo has done a survey by Cybermedia Research (CMR) in which it has been revealed that people of India spend 75 days of the year using smartphones.
75 percent people got smartphones in childhood.

Of the people surveyed in Vivo and CMR's joint survey, 75 per cent believed that they had their own smartphone in their teens, while 41 per cent of the users claim that only after graduating and passing high school. met. This survey of Vivo and CMR has been done online among the people of 8 different cities of the country. The survey includes youth, jobbers and housewives. The age of the people involved in this survey ranged from 18 to 45 years. The survey was attended by 2,000 people, with 64 per cent males and 36 per cent females.

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