Make A Advance Set Up In Blogging And Earn More 2020

make a advance set up in blogging and earn more

Blogger advance setting

How to make the advance setting of Blogspot Blog?
Hello Sanjay Singh Indian education tv Friends, After making blogs, we get the most trouble bringing traffic to our blog. For which we have to add our blog to the Search Engine i.e. Webmaster Tools but still do not know the traffic completely. Because you can not completely set up your blog, in which your important part is Advance Setting. Which improves the SEO of your blog, you must do your blog's advanced settings.

Advance Setting

And if you are a Blogspot user then you will know that we do not get enough options to improve SEO as much as a WordPress user gets.

Blogspot Blog Ki Advance Setting Kaise Kare? Full Guide
These settings are very important for the Blogspot user because if you make a mistake, your blog will be hidden from the search engine and if you have the right settings your blog will grow. For this, read this comprehensive tutorial and then apply it on your blog.
How to go to Advance Setting Option in Blogger?

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Advance Setting

1 First, go to and sign in.

2 Now click on Setting Option in the Blogger Dashboard.

3 Now you have to click on Search Preferences from the Sub Menu Options.

1. how to write  Meta Tags in Blogspot Description?

It is different from every blogger and it is the very important roll in SEO. Because when a reader comes to get any information on your blog and if he wants your blog to be good.

So he will also share your blog on Social Media. Now on what topic your blog is on, you know the person who shared your blog. But the person does not know anything about your blog that reads about your blog on social media. Because most bloggers do not know what kind of information they provide.

Follow these steps to write meta tags in blogger Follow us:
Advance Setting

1 First, click on Edit in the option of Meta Tags.
2 Now you have to tick the "Yes" button.
3 Now write about your blog in 150 words in this box. What information do you publish on what topic your blog is on?
After writing 4 Description, click on the Save Change button.
Good thing: Use at least 5 SEO Keyword in it.

 ➤ How to enable  Search Description Box in Blogger?

How to Fix Custom Page Not Found Error in Blogspot?

We used to do this because if a person opens a page or post of our blog that has been deleted for some reason. Then he should get the information about why this page or URL is not available right now.

And the other advantage of this is that if a person comes to your blog by typing a URL of your post Distract and accidentally made a mistake in typing it, then that person will also come to your blog. This means that your blog will be opened, with this error message.
Follow these steps to apply it to a blogger.
Step @ 1
Advance Setting

1 Click Edit on the front of Custom Page Not Found.
2 Now you have to add "Page Error" message which is in HTML format.
3 Now you have to click on the Save Change button.

3 How to Use Custom Redirects in Blogger?

We use it to change the URL of a post to fix the new URL. As if you deleted a post, you can transfer the URL of that post to another blogger's post. By doing so, your reader will get the information and you will be protected from Broken Link.

You can use these steps by following:
Advance Setting

1 Fill your old URL.
2 Fill your new URL in it.
4 How to Setting up Google Search Console in Blogger?
These Setting Part are very important for online earning bloggers as bloggers need the most of traffic to earn online money. And traffic can be found only by just the Search Tool. You also need to submit your website or blog to Google Webmaster. So you have to follow these steps.

Step  1

1 First, you go to Google Webmaster Tools and sign in.
2 Now type the URL of your site.
3 Now click on the HTML tag and copy the Meta Tags Code.
After saving the code in the 4 themes, click Verify.

Step  2

1 Now go to Blogger Dashboard in New Tab and click on Theme Option.
2 Now do the head search in the theme and paste the Meta Tags code below the head.
3 Now click on the Save button.
4 Add How to Submit / Add a Blog Sitemap to Google Search Console?
5 Robot Txt File in Blogger?

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