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In this era of technology, people use Google's most advanced technology assistant (Google Assistant) to search for anything on the Internet. Currently Google is available as an app for assistant users on devices such as smartphones, laptops and smart speakers. Through this technique, users can gain information ranging from listening to songs, knowing cricket scores to the latest news by giving just one command.
However, many users still do not know how to use Google Assistant and they are not even aware of the features. So, in this news, today we will tell you about some special features of Google Assistant. So let's know about the features of Google Assistant ...

Google Interpreter Mode
Through this feature of Google Assistant, users will be able to translate the conversation done with a person who cannot speak their language. After this feature is activated, users will be able to translate any language easily. However, users of Google Home Speakers, Assistant Built-in Speakers, Smartphones and Tablets will get support of this feature.

Users have to open Interpreter Mode on Google Assistant platform. After this, users will be able to translate any language. On the other hand, if users want to stop this feature, then they will be able to stop by giving a stop command.

Google Assistant Lens
Users will be able to get information about any object through Google lens. To use Google Lens, click on the lens made in the users app and now the camera of the phone will have to point towards the photo of the object whose information it wants to take. After this, black colored dots will appear on the phone screen. This means that this feature is analyzing the object. After a few seconds, users will get information related to that object.

Google Assistant will read news for you
If users want to hear news from Google Assistant, then they have to click on the home button of the software. Now the search box will open on the screen of the users' device. Now here users have to give Good Morning (your name) command. After this, Google Assistant will read from the weather of the city to the latest news of the country.
Open apps through Google Assistant
Users can easily open the app in their phone by giving commands through this feature. But for this, users will have to download the voice access app. At the same time, some steps also have to be followed: -
First of all, users have to activate the voice access feature by going to the settings of the phone.
Now you have to go to Google Assistant and say hello Google.
After this, a command has to be given with the name of the app and after a few seconds the assistant will open that app.

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