IF You Are Using IPHONE Then Be Careful Because Hacker Can HACK Your Device

Currently, people are using both Android and iPhone devices. At the same time, iPhones are generally believed to be safer than Android, as it has more security features due to being premium. But a recent research has found that Google has found the most ways to hack the iPhone. So it can be believed that this device is 167 times likely to be hacked. So let's know about this research ...

Iphone report
According to the research firm Case24.com of England, this data related to iPhone has been collected from Google search. Researchers have tried to know from this data that people want to hack different mobiles. However, the surprising thing is that the keyword 'how to hack iphone' has been searched on Google about 10,040 times. It can be assumed that people along with hackers are also finding a way to hack the iPhone. Apart from this, people have also searched the keyword 'How to hack Samsung's phone' on Google 700 times.

No interest in Android device
According to this research, people have shown less interest about hacking Android phones. Except Samsung and Apple, 100 less searches have been done monthly to hack the devices of other brands. At the same time, 50 searches have been done to hack Sony's phone.

Apple launched iPhone 11
Let us tell you that the US tech company Apple launched the iPhone 11 series in September. The initial price of these devices is Rs 64,900. Talking about the specification, the company has given a 6.1-inch liquid retina display in these phones. Apart from this, Apple's A13 bionic processor will be found in the phone, with which the company has claimed the world's fastest CPU and GPU. This phone will get iOS 13. Apart from this, dark mode will also be available in it.

Talking about the camera, users will get a dual rear camera setup in this phone, which will have a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with an aperture f / 1.8. The second camera is a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle with an aperture f / 2.4. The front camera will also get 12 megapixels. 4K and slow motion video can be recorded with both cameras.

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