How to Upload Video by Android Mobile and Earn More Money 2020

 upload your video by android mobile and earn money

How to upload a video on YouTube- as we know that by uploading video on YouTube related a niche , one can earn the money a lot . but now a days in the world there are the 70% person who keeps the Android mobile. people know how to upload a video with their laptop and mac but in this article we learn about, how to upload a video on YouTube by our Android mobile.

 so it is a very easy work in order to capture the full width video you have to just open the YouTube
by logging in with your Google account then you have to go record video, And now Record your video whatever you want , after recording the video you can also edit the video by using the app kinemaster . you can also use another video editor with like CyberLink powerdirector , filmora and etc.

so before uploading the video you have to put title and description related to that video and then upload your video. in this way you can upload any video and your video will open in your YouTube in full screen mode. the people generally make the mistake they open the camera of the their Android mobile and begin to record their video, the result is that video does not comes as a full size for YouTube.

so this is not a professional way as for YouTube is concern . the previous method that I have
told you just above is very nice for earning the money from You tube. The second problem related to uploading the video is screen recording , people generally record their Android screen by using the some app like DU screen recording DU screen recording, Az screen recording , Screen Recorder, capture recorder... etc .

but when they upload the video, the video quality was found not very good. because the screen size is very small and since screen size is not very good so view comes very low and the result is that the earny based on the view get decline .

so what is the solution of this problem ? the solution is very simple. before screen recording you have to download a app namely Nova Launcher . after downloading this if you have to just on this Nova Launcher , then on your screen recording, screen will be now horizontal , now when the screen is recorded and when the video is uploaded you will see the full screen comes on the YouTube.

and now the people will see your video as a full form of the video. in this way maximum number of the view comes and you are maximum amount of the money in the same rate.

it is hoped that this article will be very helpful to all of you . you can also read another article related to
the money earning on this website. once again many thanks to give your invaluable time

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