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mportance of the custom domain 


 in the blogging it is very necessary that you should use custom domain . custom domain will help you increase the rank of the site in the Google very easily . by default on your blogger there is domain which is not very effective as for ranking is concern . If you are using the general domain provided by the blogger then it is not also look good as for viewer visualisation is concern for example .

 your site maybe look like xyz . blog which is not eye catching while is looking
much better . This is not only case of blogger the same cases is in the wordpress you will get domain like your so such kinds of the domain is not good as for professional blogger is concern . that's why we should use the custom domain .

many bloggers who use the free blogging platform generally don't dare to invest the money in the customs domain . they want to save their money . they think that it is just wasting of money . they keep on blogging for years on the same sub-domain which are generally

  • your blog. blogspot. Com 
  • your blog. WordPress.Com

they feel that if they are getting traffic then there is no need to go for custom domain . but they forget that the above subdomain will not help him every time. because for a short period subdomain item may be effective but for a long term does not work. benefit of a custom domain

You have better exposure in search engine search engine specially Google preferred to link to root domain rather than the subdomain. a root domain domains you get AdSense approval very easily and early if you are using the top level domain like .com

you can publicize your domain name very easily as comparison to long subdomain root level domain are a lot of trustworthy and eye catching why some level domain is not very impressive as for viewer mind set . you will have a much easier time with a custom domain then you should with a free sub-domain.

when I was starting the blogging I got the domain from blogger as a Sanjay Singh Indian education tv . blogspot. Com but when I edit the custom domain then it become Sanjay Singh Indian education tv .com so that is the difference between top level domain and sub-level domain .

right way to choose the custom domain 


Although there are so many platform which are providing the domain you have to buy the
domain from that that and edit it to your site as a custom domain

try to choose a short name rather than a longer name

make sure the name of the domain is easy to spell

if you are switching from HP subdomain try to keep the brand same.

use such a domain which keyword is effective in Google search engine. so that your domain
could rank in the Google search engine.

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