Google Maps will tell where electric car charging station is, how to use

Google Maps
If you also use Google Maps and you have an electric car, then good news for you. You do not have to worry anymore when the electric car battery runs out, because now Google Maps will tell you where there is an electric car charging station near you.
As you also know, electric cars have a very big future in the automobile sector and the coming time is also of electric cars. All Indian car companies are working extensively on their electric cars. The government and car companies are building charging stations in many areas for charging electric cars.

To help people in this episode, Google has also decided to show electric car charging station in its Maps apps. In Google Maps you have to search Electric Vehicle Charging Station. Google Maps will also tell you which charging station is on and which is closed.

It is worth noting that Google has added the translation feature to its maps a few days ago, with the help of which Google Maps will speak the names of foreign places in local language for the convenience of travelers. Apart from this, Maps will also provide complete information about the place in the local language. For this, an update of Google Maps for Android and iPhone will be released soon. Google has given information about this new feature in its blog.

Google has written in its blog, 'Google Maps app will tap on the name of some place, the speaker will be on and you will get complete information about that place. Google Translate is linked in Maps for more information. Also, the text-to-speech technology given in the app will automatically detect the language of your phone and then give you information in the same language.

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