Email Marketing a Idea of Heavy Income 2020

 Email marketing is a very important tool for earning money  

  email marketing is a very important tool for earning money , if you have the one lakh email list , you can a standard amount of the money. generally people think that in order to have the email list we have to join mail-chimpaweber , get-response …... and so on. so if you are the beginner in the email marketing sector , and you have the Limited amount of the money then you  will be hardly able to pay these sites .

  then how will you connect the email list ? do you have any idea without paying any extra money ?
yes there is idea in order to generate the email list the best way is that use the extension email extractor in your Google Chrome browser you can also use any other browsers good as per your comfortability.

so if you are searching anything in Google then a numbers of the website comes on the Google
page , so when you will click on the  email Extractor extension   then you will see that a numbers of the email list will be available  now you  have to just click on there and copy all the emails and put it on notepad or ms office sheet or google sheet . any where you can put your email list related to your product or niche .

you have seen that in the Google page there is a numbering below the page , means there is a number 1 2 3 4 5 ……….. you will click the number 2 and number 3 and number 4 at every time and you will collect the  email list from the  email extractor  which is on the header on the page  respectively .

so in this way you will collect the extended amount of the email list related to your niche . now you have to just deliver a  message  to these email list which you have created. once a message related to your product will reach to these  email list , people will buy your products and when they  buy , you will get the  commission  related to your product. you can also get the 100% amount of the money if that product is yours.

so in this way , you can start the email marketing without paying extra money to any site. you have to not do any hard and fast work , you have to just create the email list and earn the money without any tension. you can also use the email form method , in order to get the targeted amount of the email list for your products .

first of all see the product which you have to promote, and according to that product you have to create a landing page and in that landing page you have to put a YouTube video related to that product

and some text related to that product as well as you have to put a email form so that if the Visitor is interested in your product then they will drop their email , and when they will give the email ,you get a email list so , this is the also a another way to get the targeted email list , you can choose this method too.

so for better result you should use both method to get a healthy email list for healthy marketing and better earning.

thank you   | read another  earning post

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