Top 5 Storage Device Of Computer | Storage System Running Out 2019-2020

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Hardware devices used to store data or information in a computer or electronic device are called storage devices. It works as a brain for any electronic device. It can store any type of data like- Images, Videos, documents, songs etc. It works just like a memory. They are also called digital storage or storage media.

These devices store the data in digital form, these data may be temporary or even permanently. In computers, these data are stored in optical or electromagnetic form. Whenever we need data saved by us, we can access anytime with the help of these devices.

Types of Storage Devices-
There are two types of storage hardware used in a computer or in any electronic device-

# 1 Primary Storage Devices

This is the computer or the main memory of an electronic device, the data stored in it is temporary (temporary). Their ability to work is fast enough. When the electronic device is shut down, the stored data is deleted. That is why it is also called volatile memory or volatile storage. It is also of two types-

(i). RAM
(ii). ROM

What is RAM and ROM?

(i). RAM - this is a kind of primary memory. The full name of RAM is Random Access Memory. This is a temporary (temporary) memory of a computer or an electronic device. It is made up of semiconductors. When the computer or electronic device closes it stores data is deleted. Which can not be recoverable?

(ii). ROM - Its full name is Read only memory. It is the permanent (permanent) memory of a computer or an electronic device. This memory can read data only. The capacity of data stored in ROM is less than RAM. The stored data in it is used for bootstrapping. The stored data in the ROM can be read only from the CPU.

# 2 Secondary Storage Devices

This is the secondary memory of a computer or an electronic device. The data stored in it is permanent. These can be stored in unlimited data. We can delete the data stored in it. In this, the ability to store data can be reduced or even more. This storage device can be both internal and externally. That is why it is also called auxiliary storage.

Such as hard disk, floppy disk, magnetic tape, optical disk, DVD, memory card, pen drive etc.

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Examples of Secondary Storage Devices: -

1. Hard disk Drive-

Storage device of computer | storage system running out

This is the most commonly used storage device of a computer or a large electronic device. It can be used both internally and externally. Its data storage capacity exceeds other storage devices. The world's first hard disk, IBM built in 1980. The disc which was made of aluminum was made. It was created to store software, operating systems, and files for computers. Data is stored in the track and in the hard disk. In today's market, hard disk is available from 1TB to 5TB in the market.

2. Optical disk-

It is a round disk made of polycarbonate. A chemical substance is attached to the disc. In this, optical laser with less intensity is used to read and write data. That's why it's called optical disk. Used to store documents, media, songs, software, etc. Its price is very low. Its storage capacity is less than the rest storage devices. The market offers optical discs of 512 MB to 4.7 GB. Such as CD, DVD, Blueray Disk.

3. Floppy Disk-

It is a thin, round magnetic disk that is closed in plastic cover. The magnetic substance is coated on this disc. Its storage capacity is the lowest in comparison to other storage devices. It is used to store a particular type of document. Market receives floppy disks from 1.44 MB to 2.88 MB.

4. Pendrive or USB flash drive-

Storage device of computer | storage system running out

This is the most widely used removable and portable device in today's world. It is connected to a computer via a USB port. The flash drive in size is quite small and has more data storage capacity. Which can take as much data as possible to take backups anywhere? This is the best secondary storage device to store as much data as possible in low size. There are pen drives and USB flsh vailable from 4 GB to 128 in the market.

5. Solid State Drive (SSD) -

It is made up of diodes and transistors. This is similar to portable and removable storage devices. There are no moving and rotating parts in it. Which also work faster on lower power than hard drives and CDs. It is found in the market at very low cost. Due to low cost, external SSD is used for laptops and mobile phones. This is a very good option for data backup. Its storage capacity

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