Five Best App For Android

5important app these apps are really very useful for anyone anyone must apply this apps for their business as well as education basically if you will use these apps for your business then you will get a maximum growth in your business in limited time.

kinemaster - kinemaster is a app which is used for video editing in Android you can choose many videos photos and other texts 

creating a good video you have to just use the timeline and the drag the video there simile you can also  add text and other necessary things to whatever you feel after adding these things you have to just render it by clicking save in this way you can create a better video   for your YouTube or Facebook or you can use anywhere where you want to use it in the next article I will detail you about kinemaster so that you can get a maximum benefit from the kind master you could know each and every step of the video editing from kinemaster

  now will talk about the next app which is called cs scanner
  CS scanner- cs scanner is used for  the scanning the document  from there you can scan your document very easily.

  you have to just  download the CS scanner from Play Store and after downloading it you have to just start  the camera and after restarting the camera you have to  to it over the document or photos  and in this way you can scan anything that is document,photos etc you will find that it's downloading is over 10 million and its rating is a above 4

Image search man - now the next step is image search man  it provides you HD quality images these are not only HD quality images but it contains Ultra HD  quality images .
 so you can use this HD quality images for your Facebook and any other but you must be remembered that these photos are not copyright free if you are going to use it, commercially  then it will be not wait up for you.   if you want to use the commercial photo as well as video  without paying any penny then you should use pixabay you can also use


  Pixlr is a very good which is used for photo editing you can use this app 4 best photo editing without paying anything extra  money.

 background eraser  - it is  used  to remove the background from photos.

 you can use this app very easily Because it's procedures is  very easy  just choose the auto drop that part into that place where you want to remove the  background. and that  portion will  be removed  by this  app  very easily so if you  are androids user then you must use this very app.

DU-screen recording  now the  next  app is du  screen  recording this app is very useful as for as  screen  capturing  is  concern.

it provides you strong quality  pictures  and screen recording  on free  version  you  will  find  only  5 mins  recording  so you  have  to  choose  a buying  plan  for  full  phase  recording .

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